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Boost your projects with agile management

To manage our project we use a lean approach, embracing a culture that emphasizes continuous improvement and adaptivity.

Agile project management allows us to reduce waste in all forms and ensure a smooth workflow of value added activities, to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We know it works!

We have been successfully testing Agile techniques on Web Marketing projects since 2013. This is why we have seen the difference with a traditional project management approach, testing first-hand the huge potential of interations, strong team work and collaborative approach.

Opposite of Agile methodology is the Waterfall methodology. The difference can be summed up in two words: rigid vs flexible. Agile is flexible and continuously evolving while Waterfall is a structured process, where you can’t start a new phase until the previous one has been completed. 

Waterfall projects usually include requirements defined in advance, whereas in Agile projects requirements are expected to change and evolve allowing to adapt better to the environment and to real world situations. In fact Agile works in very small iterations, releasing early stage developments of the project in order to collect feedbacks from the real users (that could be clients, suppliers, employees, etc.).

This approach guarantees quick releases and real value creation, saving considerable amounts of time and resources.

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