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Helping companies to grow and innovate

Evoltron is specialised in Business Development and Web Marketing, helping companies to create more value, work better and increase opportunities.

What we do

  1. Together, we analyze the opportunities and define a strategy.
    Evoltron helps you to put focus on your goals and use all your company's potential.

  2. The idea is just 1% of a project. The real challenge is to walk down the road through the end.
    This is what we are here for! To provide solutions and support to turn your plans into successful reality.

  3. With over 10 years of experience in Project Management, Web Marketing and E-Commerce, Evoltron is the perfect partner to reach new customers and increase your profits.

How we work

Evoltron provides high quality flexible solutions by using a lean management approach, embracing a culture that emphasizes continuous improvement, innovation and reliability.

We establish a clear definition of our client’s needs and goals, reducing waste in all forms and ensuring a smooth workflow of value added activities, to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Simone Di Vincenzo

Business Developer

Serial entrepreneur with international experience in Marketing and Startups.


Giusy Fratta

Engineering Manager

Extensive experience in Project Management, Business Development and Internationalization.


Giacomo Di Lizio

Project Manager

Entrepreneur with consulting and managing experience in Marketing and Web Projects.


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  • info @evoltron .co

About Us

Business Development and Web Marketing. Helping companies to create more value, work better and increase opportunities.

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